Alta3 Cheat Sheets

Ansible Cheat Sheet

YAML Playbooks? INI Hosts Files? Error Handling? Need a quick refresher and a simple playbook syntax to get you started? Download Alta3 Resarch's quick reference cheat sheet for Ansible!

Python 3 Cheat Sheet

Often forget how to shape a Linux shebang line? Need help remembering some functions? Download Alta3 Research's quick reference cheat sheet for Python 3.x

Regex Cheat Sheet

'I have 99 problems. I tried to use regular expression. Now I have 100 problems.' Let Alta3 sooth away your RegEx woes with another quick reference cheat sheet.

SIP Cheat Sheet

A comprehensive list of SIP requests, responses, RTP payload mappings found in SDP, and basic call flows. You'll be the envy of your colleagues with this helpful Alta3's SIP cheat sheet hanging in your cube!