Course Catalog

NameNext Date
Open Source Generative AI2024-07-09
AI Fine Tuning and Data Preparation for Pre-Trained Models
AI Powered Computer Vision
Application Development with AI2024-06-18
Zero Code AI Solutions2024-06-24
Prompt Engineering and NLP2024-06-19
Ansible 101 - Essentials2024-07-29
Ansible 102 - Ansible For Storage Devices2024-08-19
Ansible 201 - Network Automation2024-07-08
Ansible 202 - Linux Server Automation2024-07-22
Ansible 203 - Windows Server Automation2024-07-29
Network Automation with Palo Alto2024-08-05
Ansible 301 - Customizing Ansible2024-09-24
Ansible 302 - Ansible Tower/Ansible AWX2024-11-12
Architecting DevOps & DevSecOps CI / CD Pipelines and Automations
Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)2024-06-24
Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)2024-07-22
Securing Kubernetes - (CKS)2024-07-15
Crush the CKAD
Git and GitHub Essentials2024-07-01
Git and GitLab Essentials2024-08-15
Go Programming Essentials2024-09-16
Jenkins Automation Server Essentials2024-09-16
SUSE Kubernetes Administration (KUB201v1.29)2024-07-08
Linux Essentials for Developers
Developing Microservices2024-09-04
NetDevOps Business Analysis
Implementing NetDevOps2024-07-15
Operating NetDevOps2024-06-24
NetDevOps Pipeline Engineering2024-07-15
Packer Essentials2024-07-04
Python 101 - Basics2024-07-29
Python 201 - API Design with Python2024-07-22
Python 202- Network Automation2024-08-12
Python for Network Developers 2024
Python 203 - Data Sciences2024-08-26
Python and Django for Full Stack Web Developer2024-09-09
SUSE Rancher Manager 2.8 for Rancher Prime Operations (RAN201v2.8)2024-07-10
WebRTC Deployment
SDN/NFV and SD-WAN Testing and Certification2024-10-07
SIP Essentials2024-06-24
5G Essentials2024-11-13
Deploying 5G2024-11-28
TCP/IP Fundamentals2024-10-16
Terraform - Infrastructure as Code2024-06-26
Managing Azure with Terraform2024-08-07
Automating Palo Alto with Terraform2024-09-04
VoLTE and the IMS2024-07-22
Wireshark Fundamentals
Analysis of 5G/4G and VoIP Networks with Wireshark