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Ansible Essentials - Automate in a language that approaches plain English

A complete guide to automating configuration, deployment, and orchestration using Ansible. Hands on labs that JUST WORK! All you will need to begin study is a modern browser, as there are no plugins. You will automate networking, server configuration and cloud deployments. Learn best practices from people that have been working with ansible since the first release, long before Red Hat acquired Ansible. Available in both live training and self-paced.

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The Industry's best 5G Training - A deep dive into 5G architecture

Learn from pros that have been working in industry for over 30 years. Develop a clear understanding of how 5G compares with previous generations. Learn from network diagrams that clearly portray processing and message flow. Contact us to customize our courseware for your network! We never charge for course modifications. Begin your journey in mastering 5G technology with us! Absolutely, positively, no one does it better than we do!

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Network Automation with Python - The Future is Now

Learn how to use python to automate network configuration tasks in moments that would otherwise take hours. Learn how to write code like the pros, using basic snippets we will teach you. Hours of tedious work may be automated, freeing you to do things that move your company forward and get you noticed. Learn how to roll back bad changes nearly instantly, because a bad rollout is NOT the way you want to get noticed. Sooner or later, you are going to become a programmer. Don't wait! Learn form the best people in the industry. We offer labs that just work, self-paced videos, or live training. Choose the way you want to learn!

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All lab equipment worked which was great. This is the first time I have seen all working labs in training like this. This class was very helpful, great course, and patient instructor. The book is great, will definitely use as a reference.
VoLTE Training Student
This training went above and beyond my learning expectations. Instructor was very well versed in the material and took extra steps to cater learning to our needs/requirements. Greatly enjoyed instructor’s style of teaching/presenting.
Systems Architect
SIP Training Student
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