Avaya Aura SIP Trunking Course


35 hours or 5 classroom days

Course Overview

This class is suited to those who are new to administering Avaya systems, need to know how to send calls through an Avaya system, and would like to know more about the SIP protocol. This is not a class for marketing or salespeople; it is a class for administrators, architects, and engineers. Students will learn how to plan, implement, and troubleshoot the Avaya Aura SM and SMGR as needed to support SIP trunking. Students will learn how to use Wireshark to perform much of the troubleshooting and testing.

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Avaya Aura SIP Trunking

5 Days with Hands-on Labs and Full Course Video

  1. Pre-Aura Architecture
  • IP Enabled
  • ESS Overview
  • ESS Recovery
  • G650 vs. H.248
  • Processor Ethernet
  • Migration to Aura


  1. Avaya Aura Architecture
  • Avaya Aura Components
  • Session Manager and SIP
  • Call Flow Processing Feature Server and Evolution Server
  • Session Manager Data Structure


  1. Avaya Aura Station Boot Configuration
  • Overview of Boot Process by Station Type
  • Dynamic Host Control Protocol
  • Firmware Check
  • Loading Settings


  1. Avaya Aura SIP Endpoint Registration (Configuration)
  • Required Configuration for Endpoint Registration
  • Building a User in System Manager


  1. Avaya Aura Dial Internal Extension – SIP to SIP (Configuration)
  • CM Station to Station Calling Configuration


  1. Avaya Aura Station to SIP Trunk Call Flow (Configuration)
  • Call Processing from SM to a SIP Entity
  • Communication Manager Configuration
  • Session Manager Configuration


  1. Avaya Aura Session Manager Routing
  • Connecting Together the Routing Menu
  • Routing Policy
  • Location Policy
  • Time Range Policy


  1. Avaya Aura Session Manager SIP Entities and Entity Links
  • Defining SIP Entities in Session Manager
  • Resolving FQDNs with DNS


  1. Avaya Aura Applying REGEX to SIP Trunks
  • Session Manager Routing with REGEX
  • Common REGEX Usage


  1. Avaya Aura SIP Adaptation
  • Effect of Adaptations on SIP Messaging
  • Adaptation Case Study
  • SIP Basics


  1. Avaya Aura Session Manager SIP Tracing Tools & Call Flows
  • Session Manager Traces
  • Exporting Traces to *.txt and *.pcap
  • Avaya Aura Session Manager Call Flows (East/West Ladder Diagrams)


  1. Routing the Media
  • RTP Relay in Avaya MGW
  • Avaya Examples of Session Description Protocol (SDP)


  1. SIP Essentials (Not Available for Self-Paced)
  • SIP Overview
  • Contact URI
  • SIP Proxy
  • CM / Back to Back UA
  • Domain
  • DNS
  • Register with Authentication
  • SIP Routing
  • Loose Routing
  • SIP Transaction
  • SIP Dialog


  1. SIP Call Flow (Not Available for Self-Paced)
  • Basic Call Flow
  • Abandoned Called
  • Busy Call
  • Vacant Number
  • INVITE Authentication
  • SIP UPDATE in early dialog
  • SDP Analysis


Self-paced: $ 395 USD

  • Digital course materials
  • Includes 1 year access to videos
  • No Hands-On Labs

Public Virtual Class: $ 2495 USD

  • Live Instructor Led Webinar
  • A teacher to guide you
  • Plus all the self-paced items

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