Ultimate Hacking Wireless

Course Overview

This course takes a three-prong approach to hacking. First we learn how various wireless technologies actually work. We explore vulnerabilities as we learn each kind of wireless technology. We also study the security mechanisms that are in place to make wireless systems secure. Finally, we practice actual hacking using the latest hacking tools and techniques available.  All major topics will be reinforced with hands on labs.


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Course Outline: Ultimate Hacking Wireless

5 Days with Hands-on Labs

  1. 802.11 Toolkit
    1. WEP and WPA cracking
    2. decrypting WEP encryption
    3. 802.11 a/b/g/n layer2 wireless network sniffer and IDS
    4. network protocol analyzer
    5. dictionary attack tool for WPA-PSK
    6. Wi-Fi 802.11 packet injection tool
  2. Wireless scanning, discovery, and enumeration
    1. Wi-Fi stumbling and surveying tools
    2. Discover SSIDs, signal strength, channels, MAC addresses, security status
  3. Basic 802.11 Attacks
    1. Session Hijacking
    2. Man-in-the-Middle
    3. Passive Attack to Decrypt Traffic
    4. Active Attack to Inject Traffic-
    5. Active Attack from Both Ends
    6. Table-based Attack
  4. 802.11 Denial of Service Attacks
    1. Identity Vulnerabilities
    2. Deauthentication
    3. Disassociation
    4. Media Access Vulnerabilities
    5. Authentication/Association flood attacks
    6. Application Layer 7 attacks
    7. Transport Layer 4 attacks
    8. Network Layer 3 attacks
  5. Understanding and Attacking WPA
    1. WPA2 vs. WPA and WEP
    2. WPA2 Limitations
    3. Extended Service Set ID (ESSID)
    4. PSK
    5. HMAC
    6. Pairwise Master Key
    7. Authenticator Nonce
    8. Supplicant Nonce
    9. Authenticator MAC Address
    10. Supplicant MAC Address
    11. EAP
    12. TKIP
    13. AES algorithm
  6. Bluetooth Fundamentals
    1. Bluetooth Protocol Stack
    2. Bluetooth Security
    3. Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate (BR/EDR)
    4. Low Energy (LE)
    5. Point-to-Point
    6. Broadcast
    7. Mesh
  7. Bluetooth Tools and Discovery
    1. scanning and obtaining the MAC address
    2. Determining the specific values of a General Attribute
    3. get a sniffer trace of the pairing process
    4. Wireshark plugins
    5. BTBrowser
  8. Bluetooth Enumeration and Attacks
    1. Kali Hacking tools
    2. Blueprinting
    3. Bluesnarfing
    4. Bluebugging
    5. Bluejacking
    6. Bluesmack:




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Ultimate Hacking Wireless

Duration: 5 Days (instructor-led)

Delivery: Onsite or Instructor-led Virtual

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