Joe Hutcheson (Hutch) brings a decade and a half of teaching experience to the Alta3 instructor team and a true passion for programming. Hutch has developed and delivered an online curriculum for the City University of New York as well as figure heading the development of open online educational resources for a diverse student body.

Hutch instructs the following Alta3 courses:

  • Python 101 - Basics

  • Python 201 - API Design with Python

  • Python 202 - Network Automation

  • Ansible 101 - Essentials

  • Ansible 201 - Network Automation with Ansible

  • Certified Kubernetes Application Developer - CKAD

  • Certified Kubernetes Administrator - CKA

  • Software Developer Engineer Bootcamp

  • Network Developer Engineer Bootcamp

  • TCP/IP

  • Go Programming

Certifications and Education:

  • University of Florida: Master of Fine Arts

  • California State University: Bachelor of Fine Arts

  • Flatiron School: Full Stack Web Development, Ruby on Rails and JavaScript Program Graduate

  • PCEP Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer

  • A3CGPA Alta3 Research Certified Go Professional

  • A3CPP - Alta3 Certified Python Professional

  • A3CAP - Alta3 Certified Ansible Professional

  • Certified Kubernetes Application Developer - CKAD Certification

  • Certified Kubernetes Administrator - CKA Certification