Alta3 Research Inc.’s founding President & CEO, Stuart Feeser, has been in the data/telecommunications industry for the past 35 years. Prior to his involvement in Alta3 Research, he was a Telecommunications Director, where he managed a telecommunications network valued in excess of $17 million. Stuart founded Alta3 Research in 1997 at the start of the VoIP revolution. For the past 23 years, he has dedicated his company to the thorough understanding of complex systems through researching the latest technology and delivering training and consulting services based on the company’s research.

He has written various courses on topics including:

  • Open-Source Generative AI

  • Kubernetes CKAD Bootcamp

  • Ansible Essentials

  • 5G Essentials

  • Linux Essentials for Developers

  • Certified OpenStack Administrator

  • SIP Essentials

  • Docker Essentials

  • VoLTE and the IMS

  • IPsec and Networking Fundamentals

He co-authored:

  • Python Basics

  • TCP/IP Fundamentals

  • APIs and API Design with Python

  • Python for Network Automation

  • Network Automation Using Python and Ansible

  • SDN/NFV/SD-WAN Testing and Certification

Stuart possesses strong technical skills that he obtained through his tenure in the industry and has a unique ability to make intricate concepts completely understandable. He has applied his research to train and consult for most major telecommunications companies across the US, Canada, and many in Europe as well. Stuart and his team of researchers partner with top training companies to provide training solutions and have trained 60% of the Fortune 500’s top 10 companies.