Deploying 5G


2 days



Essential Skills Gained

5G Microservices

5G Containers (docker)

5G Core Cloud featuring Kubernetes

5G Networking analysis and troubleshooting


2 day course with lecture and hands-on labs.


Anyone who is responsible for building a 5G network

Anyone who is building connectivity or devices for a 5G network

Anyone who learns best from a hands on experience


This course builds directly on the previous 5G Essentials class. You have already mastered the 5G lexicon and architecture. SInce you are standing on a strong foundation, you are ready to deploy a 5G scale. You will write 5G docker files and learn how to build and test container based services in the context of 5G. You will then use docker compose to build all services in a test environment. Finally, you will deploy your 5G services onto your own kubernetes cloud, test and troubleshoot. When you have completed this class, you will have a clear picture of the 5G landscape. You will be able to continue studies in our advanced courses such as docker, microservices, kubernetes, and programming, standing on a strong foundational knowledge of how it all goes together in a real 5G network.

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