5G Essentials


3 days



Essential Skills Gained

5G Stand alone architecture

Beamforming, mm-wave, massive-mimo

5G Access technology, O-RAN, and v-RAN

New Radio technology, numerology


3 day course with lecture and hands-on labs.


Professionals planning to use 5G Access

Professionals looking to merge 5G and Wifi6 radio technology


This course features a mixture of lecture and hands-on training, making it possible to understand essential 5G concepts by allowing you to work directly with your own 5G network. You will follow a step by step approach to analyze the key components in a working 5G network. You will work directly with the UE, RAN and core services. You will perform basic call flow analysis through demonstration and optional wireshark downloads. A hands-on approach to learning 5G is the best way to learn this new technology! When you successfully complete this course, you will possess a well rounded, vendor neutral, understanding of key components within the 5G network architecture and become fully empowered to take an active role in working with your 5G engineers. If you are an engineer and need a complete understanding of the 5G network, then strongly consider following up with an additional 2-Days of Deploying 5G.

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