Application Development with AI


3 days



Essential Skills Gained

Develop and Write Code with AI

Plan and Scope a Project with AI

Build and Configure a Custom GPT

Fine-Tune a Custom GPT


3 day course with lecture and hands-on labs.


Application Developers

Project Managers

System Engineers

DevOps Management


You will write custom GPTs for AI-assisted application development. You will gain a clear understanding of prompting techniques, building/configuring a custom GPT, and end-to-end application development with AI assistance. With over 39 labs and lectures, this hands-on intensive course is ideal for anyone needing to develop applications with AI assistance. Direct access to the AI platform is not required, as all traffic is managed through the training provider. An OpenAI Plus subscription is required, as the course content utilizes ChatGPT Premium features.

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  • 💬 Welcome to Alta3 Research Labs

  • 💻 Register for Poll

Getting Started

  • 💻 Vim: A Modal Text Editor

  • 💻 Efficient CLI Usage with Tmux

  • 💻 Getting Started with ChatGPT

Prompt Engineering

  • 💬 What is Intelligence?

  • 💬 Writing Prompts for LLMs

  • 💻 Prompting an AI Model

  • 💻 Define Prompt Parameters: Task/Inputs/Outputs/Constraints/Style

  • 💻 Prompt Techniques: Chaining, Set Role, Feedback, Examples

Class Project

  • 🏆 Optional Class Project: Build and Deploy an Application with your own GPT

Build your own AI Application Development Assistant

  • 💬 Building Purpose Driven GPTs!

  • 💻 Develop Instructions for Custom GPT

  • 💻 Define Knowledge Base for a Custom GPT

  • 💻 Build a Custom GPT

  • 🏆 Class Project: Build your own GPT Powered AI Application Development Assistant

Learn Programming Concepts with AI

  • 💬 Strategies for Learning with AI

  • 💻 Leveraging GPT for AI-Augmented Learning

Plan and Scope Application

  • 💬 AI-Augmented Project Planning

  • 💻 Project Plan/Scope Development with AI

  • 🏆 Class Project: Scope out your Project /w AI

GitHub Copilot

  • 💬 Introduction to GitHub Copilot

  • 💻 GitHub Copilot Account Setup

  • 💻 Setup Copilot with VIM

  • 💻 Copilot in the CLI

AI Chat Interactions for Programing

  • 💬 ChatGPT 4 Code Interpreter (CI)

  • 💬 Optimizing Prompt Strategies for Code Generation

  • 💻 Execute Code using ChatGPT CI

Containerization and Microservices

  • 💬 Microservices Overview

  • 💻 Deploy Kubernetes Using Ansible

  • 💻 Using AI to Create/Manage a Docker Container

  • 💻 Deploy an Application in Kubernetes /w AI

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