Automating Palo Alto with Terraform


7 days



Essential Skills Gained

Automating the PAN-OS and Panorama APIs with Python and Ansible

AI LLM prompt engineering for generating Ansible solutions

Ansible collections for Palo Alto network appliances

YAML formatting


7 day course with lecture and hands-on labs.


Palo Alto Administrators

Security Engineers

DevOps Engineers

System and Cloud Administrators

Network Engineers and Developers

Terraform Developers

Go Programmers


Get hands-on and use Terraform to automate the PAN-OS operating system for Palo Alto Networks NGFWs and Panorama products. Students will learn to manage various aspects of a firewall's or a Panorama's config, such as data interfaces and security policies. *Optional* lecture may also cover Palo Alto Networks Terraform providers for Prisma Cloud, Bridgecrew Security Platform, or Palo Alto Networks Cloud Next-Gen Firewalls for AWS. All lessons focus on best practice techniques, including interacting with git, GitHub or GitLab, and writing prompts for AI LLM tools to generate relevant solutions.

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Prefix Chapters

  • 💻 Welcome to Alta3 Live

  • 💻 Register for Poll

Getting Started

  • 💻 Vim: A Modal Text Editor

  • 💻 Efficient CLI Usage with Tmux

AI LLM Toolkit

  • 💻 Large Language Model toolkit for AI Solution Assistance

Introduction to Terraform

  • 💬 Terraform Course Map

  • 💬 Introduction to Terraform

Software Control Management

  • 💻 SCM Option #1 - GitHub

  • 💻 SCM Option #2 - GitLab

Up and Running

  • 💻 Terraform Install

  • 💬 Special Considerations for Palo Alto Networks

Terraform Modules

  • 💬 Terraform HCL Syntax

  • 💻 Up and Running with Terraform

  • 💻 Terraform Variables

  • 💻 Output Values

  • 💬 Avoid the :latest Tag

Palo Alto Provider

  • 💬 Terraform Providers

  • 💻 Palo Alto Network on the Terraform Registry

  • 💬 Terraform and PAN-OS Interaction

  • 💻 Installing the PaloAltoNetwork panos Provider

  • 💻 Managing State with PaloAltoNetwork panos Provider

  • 💬 Terraform Data Sources

  • 💻 Palo Alto Network panos Data Sources

Beyond Basics

  • 💬 Credential Management Options for Terraform and Palo Alto Interactions

  • 💻 Terraform CLI Workspaces

  • 💻 Handling Errors on from PaloAltoNetwork Providers

  • 💬 Resources - replace vs taint

  • 💻 Dynamic Operations with Functions

  • 💬 Short-cutting Solutions for Palo Alto with Terraform Modules

  • 💻 Creating a Terraform Module

  • 💻 Dynamic Provisioning with tfvars Files

  • 💻 Data Sources and HTTP Provider


  • 💬 for_each

  • 💻 Looping Constructs - for_each


  • 💻 Creating Delays

  • 💻 Terraform - templatefile Function

Dynamic Blocks

  • 💻 Dynamic Blocks

Generative AI LLM Toolkits

  • 💻 Creating prompts for AI LLM tools to Generate Palo Alto Terraform Code

  • 💻 Testing Terraform Solutions Generated by AI

Expanding on Palo Alto Network Providers (OPTIONAL)

  • 💬 Palo Alto Providers - panos, prismacloud, bridgecrew, prismacloudcompute, prismacloud-waas, cloudngfwaws

  • 💬 Palo Alto Networks Cloud Next-Gen Firewalls for AWS

  • 💻 Terraform and Palo Alto Networks Cloud Next-Gen Firewalls for AWS

  • 💬 Terraform and Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud

  • 💬 Terraform and Palo Alto Networks Bridgecrew Security Platform

Terraform Cloud (OPTIONAL)

  • 💻 Terraform Cloud and Terraform Enterprise

  • 💻 Triggering Cloud Builds via Git Commits

Industry Scenarios (OPTIONAL)

  • 💬 Common Workflows and Pipelines for Automating Security Platforms

  • 💻 GitHub Actions - Terraform

Terraform Review

  • 💬 HashiCorp Terraform Study Guide


  • 💬 Glossary

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