Git and GitHub Essentials


2 days



Essential Skills Gained

By the conclusion of this course, attendees will learn to use Git and GitHub to view, create, and manage code, as well as:

Building custom Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) workflows

Take control of projects with Git, as you check in Python, Java, and GoLang applications


2 day course with lecture and hands-on labs.


This course is applicable training for all persons looking to understand git and Software Control Management (SCM) techniques

DevOps Engineers

Software Developers

Marketing and Sales Engineers

Telecommunications Professionals

Managers and Directors

Quality Assurance & Site Reliability Professionals


This course covers the fundamentals necessary to utilize Git and GitHub, the web-based repository management service. As the single most popular public Software Control Management (SCM) platform, GitHub is superbly relevant as, at its core, it offers all persons tools to collaborate on projects. Repositories are typically associated with code, but many case uses exist. Be it vendor manuals, patches for network devices, 3D models, medical research, or the family’s genealogy blog, the need to understand Git and GitHub has extended well beyond developers.

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Prefix Chapters

  • 💻 Register for Poll

  • 💻 Welcome to Alta3 Live

  • 💻 Vim: A Modal Text Editor

  • 💻 Efficient CLI Usage with Tmux

AI LLM Toolkit

  • 💻 Large Language Model toolkit for AI Solution Assistance

Core Git Concepts

  • 💬 Software Control Management Software

  • 💻 Introduction to Git

  • 💻 Git Branching


  • 💬 Overview of GitHub

  • 💻 Revision Control with GitHub

  • 💬 Collaborating on GitHub

  • 💻 Branches and Pull Requests

  • 💻 Searching a GitHub Project

  • 💬 Markdown

  • 💻 GitHub Pages and Markdown

  • 💻 Additional GitHub Project Tools

  • 💻 GitHub and Visual Studio Code

  • 💻 Coding with Copilot

SSH and Tokens

  • 💬 GitHub Authentication and Authorization

  • 💻 GitHub and SSH Keys

  • 💻 GitHub and Tokens


  • 💬 Webhook - HTTP Notifications

  • 💻 GitHub Webhooks

  • 💻 GitHub Desktop

GitHub Actions

  • 💬 GitHub Actions for CI CD Workflows

  • 💻 Secrets and GitHub

  • 💻 GitHub Actions - Publish a Docker Container

  • 💻 GitHub Actions - GitLeaks

  • 💻 GitHub Actions - Terraform


  • 💻 GitHub Release-based Workflow


  • 💻 Git Merge Strategies

  • 💻 Configure Git to use a Proxy

  • 💻 Git Merge, Rebase, and Squash

  • 💬 Glossary

Continuing Education

  • 💬 Planning & Consulting with Alta3 Research

  • 💬 Curriculum Path: ServerAdministration

  • 💬 Curriculum Path: ContainerOrchestration

  • 💬 Curriculum Path: Developer

  • 💬 Curriculum Path: NetDevOps

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