Git and GitLab Essentials


2 days



Essential Skills Gained

Use Git and GitLab to view, create, and manage code, as well as the role GitLab can play in automating builds and shortening release of applications

Git commands - including how to check code to repositories

Team collaboration methods for projects and advancing code

Merge requests and resolving conflicts


2 day course with lecture and hands-on labs.


DevOps Engineers

Software Developers

Telecommunications Professionals


Quality Assurance & Site Reliability Professionals


This course covers the fundamentals necessary to utilize Git and GitLab for the management of software development lifecycling using continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). At its core, GitLab offers a web-based Git repository manager featuring issue tracking, analytics, and a wiki. Within the suite includes tools to trigger builds, run tests, and deploy code with each commit or push. Builds can target Docker containers or Virtual Machines. GitLab’s ability to offer a DevOps platform in a single application makes it an attractive choice for enterprise users.

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  • πŸ’» Welcome to Alta3 Research Labs

  • πŸ’» Register for Poll

Getting Started

  • πŸ’» OPTIONAL - Using vim

  • πŸ’» Efficient CLI Usage with Tmux


  • πŸ’» (OPTIONAL) - Git and GitLab Certification Project

AI LLM Toolkit

  • πŸ’» Large Language Model toolkit for AI Solution Assistance

Core Git Concepts

  • πŸ’» Introduction to Git

  • πŸ’» Git Branching


  • πŸ’» Up and Running with GitLab

  • πŸ’» Generating and Using SSH Keys

  • πŸ’» Git and GitLab Interaction

  • πŸ’» Fixing Merge Conflicts

  • πŸ’» Writing Markdown in GitLab

  • πŸ’» GitLab Project Wikis

  • πŸ’» GitLab Collaboration

  • πŸ’» GitLab Webhooks

  • πŸ’» GitLab API Calls

GitLab CI CD

  • πŸ’» Introduction to CI CD

  • πŸ’» Building a Docker Image

  • πŸ’» Creating gitlab-ci.yml

  • πŸ’» Lifecycling a GoLang App with GitLab

  • πŸ’» GitLab Container Repository

  • πŸ’» GitLab Integration with Kubernetes Clusters


  • πŸ’» Intro to DevOps

  • πŸ’» Intro to DevSecOps


  • πŸ’» Git Merge Strategies

  • πŸ’» Migrating to GitLab from...

  • πŸ’» Additional GitLab Tools

  • πŸ’» Configure Git to use a Proxy

  • πŸ’» Git Merge, Rebase, and Squash

  • πŸ’¬ Glossary

Continuing Education

  • πŸ’¬ Planning & Consulting with Alta3 Research

  • πŸ’¬ Curriculum Path: ServerAdministration

  • πŸ’¬ Curriculum Path: ContainerOrchestration

  • πŸ’¬ Curriculum Path: Developer

  • πŸ’¬ Curriculum Path: NetDevOps

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