Implementing NetDevOps

Essential Skills Gained

NetDevOps Framework and Single Source of Truth

Proficiency in Essential NetDevOps Tools

Source of Truth Implementation

Network Automation Techniques


5 day course with lecture and hands-on labs.


Core Team

Network Engineers

Network Administrators

NetDevOps Ansible Developers

NetDevOps Python Developers

Administrators interested in Automation

Individuals interested in expanding traditional DevOps to include NetDevOps skills


Imagine managing a network with tens of thousands of devices. The mere thought of centralizing this data might seem overwhelming. You know that if you did have a single source of truth and a testing network that was identical to your production network, then these things become possible: - Test changes on a network that is configured identically to your production network. - Test rollbacks on a network that is configured identically to your production network. - Rollback changes in seconds. - Know the configuration of all your systems in REAL TIME. - Convert, upgrade, or change configuration in seconds. - Testing is conducted thoroughly and with complete peace of mind using Cisco Modeling Labs, not on your production network. - Yet, the cost of not doing so is far greater than you might expect. Managing a large network, with its hundreds or even tens of thousands of devices, is daunting. The prospect of loading all that data into a single source of truth may seem too great a challenge, and you might be tempted to avoid it. However, the benefits of managing your network with a single source of truth and a testing lab that is identical to the appropriate portion of your production network are undeniable. This course will teach you how you can accomplish it.

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