NetDevOps Business Analysis

Essential Skills Gained

Analyze MDD effort for your organization

Calculate budget requirements

Estimate timelines

Calculate risk vs reward


2 day course with lecture and hands-on labs.


Project Managers

Sr. Management

Business Analysts


Technical Team Leads


This two-day course is designed for business analysts tasked with evaluating the feasibility, costs, and benefits of implementing a NetDevOps program for network automation. While technical vocabulary will be addressed, the core focus will be on management principles, including deployment decisions, budgeting, staffing, and overall effort calculation. The goal is for participants to leave with a clear framework for forecasting manpower, effort, costs, and expected rewards associated with deploying NetDevOps in their organization.

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Prefix Chapters

  • 💬 Welcome to Alta3 Live

  • 💻 Register for Poll

Introduction to NetDevOps

  • 💬 NetDevOps: Network Management for the Agile Era

  • 💬 Understanding NetDevOps: Source of Truth

  • 💬 Overview of NetDevOps Processes

  • 💬 Benefits of adopting NetDevOps

NetDevOps Essentials

  • 💬 NetDevOps Essential Tools

  • 💬 The NetDevOps Pipeline


  • 💬 Introduction to Ansible

  • 💻 Installing Ansible

  • 💬 Static Inventory

  • 💻 Ansible Host Inventory


  • 💻 Introduction to Netbox

  • 💻 Setting up your Organization

Cisco Modeling Labs

  • 💬 Introduction to Cisco Modeling Labs (CML)

  • 💻 CML Manual Topography

Integrating NetDevOps Tools

  • 💻 CML Dynamic Inventory

  • 💻 Building CML Lab with Ansible

  • 💻 Converting Netbox Config to CML Topology

  • 💻 CML Facts Ansible Modules

Planning Your NetDevOps Implementation

  • 💬 Identifying Potential Risks and Challenges

  • 💬 Setting Goals and Defining Scope

  • 💻 Estimating Staffing Needs for NetDevOps Transition and Ongoing Operations

  • 💻 Assessing Training and Upskilling Effort

  • 💻 Create the business plan for implementing NetDevOps

  • 💻 Budget Considerations for NetDevOps

  • 💻 Estimating a NetDevOps Transition Timeline

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