SDN/NFV and SD-WAN Testing and Certification


5 days



Essential Skills Gained

Build an SD-WAN from the ground up

Performance Testing

Cloud networking (KVM / QEMU)

Docker Runtime Environment


5 day course with lecture and hands-on labs.


Network and Cloud Engineers

DevOps Professionals

Managers and Directors (those in need of an overview of concepts)


Cloud networking has become code. Learn how to build a network from the ground up using open source software. You will learn the essential components that will allow you build, test, and troubleshoot ***any*** cloud network. Once you understand the fundamental networking components, you can eliminate vendor lock-in and deploy your own high performance, secure network, all from code. You develop the skills and knowledge needed to build a network from SD-LAN to SD-WAN by performing real hands on examples that just work. Build, configure, and deploy the most popular SDN, NFV, and SD-WAN technologies to create networks, control routing and bridging, and secure applications. Integrate these components with external nets, even the internet, and perform verification testing.

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