TCP/IP Fundamentals


3 days



Essential Skills Gained

Build a complete NFV network that demonstrates Etherent access, Ethernet switching, and IP routing

Develop an understanding of key networking terminologies and concepts that will prmote communications within a network team or environment.

Observe and describe the principles and mechanisms of IP routing.

Configure and manage IP routing settings in a network environment.


3 day course with lecture and hands-on labs.



Over the course duration, participants will engage in a combination of lectures and hands-on lab sessions that covers foundational networking skills on modern networks, ranging from physical devices to network function virtualization. The course begins with an introduction to essential packet analysis tools like Wireshark and Termshark, followed by practical training in capturing PCAP files using TCPdump. Students will then delve into the fundamental aspects of networking architecture, including a clear understanding of the OSI model and an exploration of TCP/IP protocols. Using network function virtualation, students will build the lab infrastructure, involving the setup of network namespaces and Ethernet bridges, thereby facilitating a more profound comprehension of Ethernet switching and routing. Students will develop a clear understanding of cloud based networking since NFV (network function virtualization) is used to build the entire network. The course also covers IPv4 addressing, routing, and ARP protocols, with students gaining hands-on experience through practical lab exercises. The curriculum further explores topics such as NAT, IPv4 subnets, and the analysis of IPv4 headers. Students will also gain insights into routing protocols like OSPF and BGP, culminating in a challenging mini-project that allows them to apply their acquired knowledge.

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