Managing Azure with Terraform


3 days



Essential Skills Gained

Writing Terraform HCL code for managing Azure

Deploying into Azure

Where Terraform fits in the Enterprise CI/CD model

Differences between Terraform and Ansible


3 day course with lecture and hands-on labs.


DevOps Engineers

Software Developers

Technical Managers and Leads

System and Cloud Administrators

Network Engineers and Developers


As enterprises seek to deploy and maintain increasingly complex Azure cloud infrastructure, there is a necessity to use "Infrastructure as Code" (IaC) tools, like Terraform. An open-source, state management tool developed by HashiCorp, Terraform allows developers to use a common coding interface to work through their various clouds safely and efficiently. Attendees will leave being able to write and understand Terraform code (HCL), have a clear understanding of Terraform's various components and supporting tools, as well as when to reach for Terraform over another IaC tool, such as Ansible.

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Prefix Chapters

  • 💻 Welcome to Alta3 Live

  • 💻 Register for Poll

Getting Started

  • 💻 Vim: A Modal Text Editor

  • 💻 Efficient CLI Usage with Tmux

AI LLM Toolkit

  • 💻 Large Language Model toolkit for AI Solution Assistance

Introduction to Terraform

  • 💬 Terraform Course Map

  • 💬 Introduction to Terraform

Software Control Management

  • 💻 SCM Option #1 - GitHub

Overview of Terraform

  • 💻 Terraform Install

  • 💻 gitignore for Terraform


  • 💬 Managing Azure with Terraform

  • 💬 Terraform HCL Syntax

  • 💻 Azure and Terraform Resources

  • 💬 Terraform Variables

  • 💻 Azure and Terraform Variables

  • 💬 Terraform Locals

  • 💻 Output Values


  • 💬 Exploring Terraform Azure modules

  • 💻 Terraform and Azure

  • 💻 Building a Virtual Network

  • 💻 Dynamic Provisioning with tfvars Files

  • 💻 Creating A Windows VM

  • 💬 Microsoft Verified Modules

  • 💻 Azure Verified Modules for Terraform

Beyond Basics

  • 💬 Import pre-existing infrastructure

  • 💻 Data Sources and HTTP Provider

  • 💻 Dynamic Operations with Functions

  • 💻 Creating a Terraform Module


  • 💬 for_each

  • 💻 Looping Constructs - for_each


  • 💻 local-exec Provisioner

Dynamic Blocks

  • 💻 Dynamic Blocks

Azure Pipelines

  • 💻 Azure Pipelines for Terraform

Terraform Review

  • 💬 HashiCorp Terraform Study Guide

Continuing Education

  • 💬 Planning & Consulting with Alta3 Research

  • 💬 Curriculum Path: ServerAdministration


  • 💬 Glossary

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