Python for Network Developers 2024

Essential Skills Gained

Python Fundamentals for Networking: Grasp the basics and advanced constructs of Python, its libraries, and its applicability in network automation.

Ansible Integration: Team up Ansible with Python to perform advanced network automation tasks.

APIs in Network Automation: Explore the significance of RESTful APIs, open APIs, and their synergy with Python and Ansible for seamless network operations.

SSH Operations with Paramiko: Use Paramiko for tasks like key generation, secure copying, and remote command execution.


15 day course with lecture and hands-on labs.



The "Network Automation Bootcamp" is a comprehensive 15-day program designed to equip participants with in-depth knowledge and skills in network automation. Over the course duration, learners will be introduced to key concepts and tools that are vital in modern network management and automation. The curriculum starts with Python fundamentals, focusing on its application in network contexts, including interacting with the OS, managing data sets, and object-oriented programming. This is supplemented by exploring its seamless integration with Ansible, a leading automation tool, covering playbook designs, Ansible workflows, and specific Ansible modules for tasks such as SSH operations and configuration management for switches and routers. The importance of APIs in network automation is another crucial component, with in-depth sessions on RESTful APIs, open APIs, and their utilization with Python and Ansible. You will build, configure, and deploy the most popular NFV and SD-WAN technologies to create networks, control routing and bridging, and secure applications. Integrate these components with external nets, even the internet, and perform verification testing. Additionally, the course delves into security aspects, emphasizing the importance of secure automation practices. Hands-on labs and practical exercises are interwoven throughout the course, ensuring participants can apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. By the end of this bootcamp, participants will have a robust understanding of network automation's tools, techniques, and best practices.

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