Ansible 201 - Network Automation


5 days



Essential Skills Gained

Version controlling code with Git

Open SSH sessions and pass commands to remote servers

Remotely open CLI to network devices

Move files via SFTP


5 day course with lecture and hands-on labs.


Network Administrators

Ansible Developers

Python Developers

Administrators interested in Automation

Individuals interested in devops, specifically for networking


Continue your studies of Ansible, with a focus on automating common elements within the network. In addition to Ansible, students will study enough Python to understand Ansible's plugin architecture. Lessons and labs focus on using both Python and Ansible to interact with and configure your network devices. At the conclusion of this course you will return to work empowered with skills necessary to automate network management. This class is a combination of live demonstrations and hands-on labs with virtual network devices and endpoints as targets for your configuration. Students looking for server applications should see: Ansible 202 - Server Automation with Python and Ansible

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